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Most Popular Questions

For our Classic Memory Blanket you'll need:

Lap: 16

Twin: 24

Throw: 25

Full: 30

Standard: 36

Queen: 49

King: 64

What is a Panel of a t-shirt? It's either the front OR the back side of the t-shirt.

We only need the exact number of sides of shirts (front or back), not full t-shirts (please don't send extras).

For example, a 'twin' size blanket can be made with 24 full t-shirts using the fronts and backs, or 12 shirts just using one side, or any combination.

A panel is the perfect square we cut from each t-shirt or clothing item side you send us.

Our standard panel size is 12" and we also offer a 14" and 16" panel, please select size at checkout.

We also offer a 'baby blanket' with 8 x 8 inch panels. For that option we need at least 9 x 9 inches from each panel.

For the classic t-shirt blanket, three sizes are offered:
If you order 12 x 12 inch panels - we need at least 13 x 13 inches from each panel.

Use this option for graphics that are 11.5 ” or less.

If you order 14 x 14 inch panels - we need at least 15 x 15 inches from each panel. 

Use this option for graphics that are larger than 11.5” Examples include, but not limited to, Travel t's, sports teams, Harley Davidson and cool concert shirts.

If you order 16 x 16 inch panels – we need at least 17 x 17 inches from each panel.

Use this option for graphics that are larger than 13.5”.  Examples include, but not limited to, hockey jerseys, Phish t-shirts, Grateful Dead Shirts, Strangfolk, Nascar, larger Harley Davidson and larger concert shirts.

After the shirts have been cut, and then sewn together, the final dimensions of the finished panel squares will be slightly less than 8”, 12”, 14” or 16” depending on the panel size you ordered. The panels are cut at these dimensions, and when sewn together, a little bit of fabric will be utilized in the seam, thus the visible part of the shirt will be just under the 8”, 12",14"  or 16” that the panel is initially cut at.

The final dimensions for the 8” is usually between 7.5”  and 7.75”, 12" is usually between 11.5" and 11.75", 14” is usually between 13.5" to 13.75" and the 16” is usually between 15.5” and 15.75 inches. 

The size of the graphic should be the considered when selecting panel size.  Most shirts size medium and up allow enough fabric for 14" square.  Graphics that usually require 14" panels include Harley Davidson, Nascar, concert shirts, Firemen shirts, Hard Rock Café, and shirts with Greek Letters. 

What does it mean when we say your panels are too small for the size you ordered?

If you ordered 8 x 8 inch panels - we need at least 9 x 9 inches from each article of clothing you send us. 
If you ordered 12 x 12 inch panels - we need at least 13 x 13 inches from each article of clothing you send us. 
If you ordered 14 x 14 inch panels - we need at least 15 x 15 inches from each article of clothing you send us. If you ordered 16 x 16 inch panels - we need at least 17 x 17 inches from each article of clothing you send us. 

If your shirts don't have enough fabric for us to use, we need to cut out a square by hand and sew it onto a larger piece of fabric that we provide for you. This takes more time and therefore, requires an additional fee of $5 for each square. That's why it's important that you send us shirts with enough fabric! 

Yes! Just as you love our Original Memory Blankets, we are now offering a DOUBLE-SIDED Memory Blanket with double the blanket to love!!! Instead of fleece on the back of our Classic Memory Blankets, you can double the amount of memories and have t-shirts on the BACK too!! 

Our Double-sided Memory Blankets are made with your very own Memories! You send us your most loved t-shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, etc. and we'll make you a one of a kind, custom Memory Blanket.

Our classic Memory Blankets are available in 7 different sizes, including our most popular 'Standard' sized, which is 5 panels by 6 panels. These are all available with our standard 12" panel size which fits almost all adult sized t-shirt logos/ designs.


Click HERE to watch a video about using brand new t-shirts for your t-shirt blanket!

Please follow these simple steps for preparing your shirts to send to us for our Classic Memory Blanket and our double-sided Memory Blanket.  For our Small Panel blankets only, we ask that you do not separate the fronts from the backs and instead send us the entire garment in-tact. 

Each t-shirt contains 2 panels; the front of the shirt is one panel and the back of the shirt is the second.

Please separate the front of the shirt from the back by cutting up the side seams and then cut the seam of the sleeve and shoulder while keeping the material from the sleeves intact.

 For long sleeve shirts, please cut the sleeve down to a short sleeve then cut as described above.

 Please send us only the side(s) that you would like included on your blanket.  If you would like the front only, please send us only the front.  If you would like the back only, please send us only the back.  If you would like both the front and the back, please send both separated as described above.

Click Here for a video on how to cut your shirts.

Please send us only the number of panels (t-shirt sides) that are required for your blanket.  Please DO NOT send extras.

Also, if you can't or don't want to prep your shirts, we can do it for you for $1 a shirt!

Watch a video HERE for more info!

You may wash your blanket with cold water in your regular washing machine and medium heat in your dryer! Easy peasy!


We even have a Smaller Panel Blanket which works best for baby/children's clothing!

Any questions? Please just ask!

We do not use batting, rahter we use a medium pile fleece on the backing which makes the finished blanket soft and thick, which replaces the use of batting!

Our memory blankets are fully machine washable as well!

Yes, our gift card listing is HERE!

Placing an Order

Please go to our PRODUCT page and select the size you'd like.

Pick out your fleece backing color as well as any other items, such as DYO or Embroidery.

Complete your check out through our automated system.

You'll receive TWO emails from us, one is the receipt for your purchase and one is your PACKING SLIP with barcode for you to print and send in with your clothing. If you did not receive either, please email me asap and I can resend!

Prep your t-shirts based on the cutting instructions and pack them in a mailing bag or box, and send them to us to the address provided on your packing slip.

When we receive your order in our studio we will send you an email and then we'll get started!

That's it! We'll send it back to you and alert you with tracking that it's on its way!

Our normal turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks from the day we check-in your panels.

Shipping completed blankets to our customers is always free!

We ship completed blankets to you via USPS.  In some rare cases we will use FedEx Ground/Home delivery.  

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be delays when shipping your panels to us as well as shipping your completed blanket back to you.

Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping their panels to us and you may use any carrier that you prefer. The shipping of your final blanket back to you from us is completely free and we include tracking for your convenience.

When you place your order you will receive a packing slip with a barcode and the address to send your items to. If you did not receive your packing slip, please email me ASAP and I'll resend,

You will receive and email after you place your order for the address to send your panels to. We have studios in Vermont and Massachusettes!

If you'd like for US to cut your t-shirt to prepare for sewing, we absolutely will!

We charge $1 per t-shirt/garment to cut and we will send you an invoice for the extra work before we get started on your blanket.

Click here to watch a video on our process for cutting your shirts for you!

You may choose ANY shipping service that you prefer to send us your shirts. You will prepare them as instructed and then put them in a box (or double poly bag) and ship them to the address provided! Please be sure to keep your tracking in a safe spot though!

We recommend Flat Rate boxes through the US Postal Service because they're easy, relatively inexpensive and fast, but please feel free to use any service that you like most!

When your Memory Blanket is finished and ready for shipment, an email will be sent out with tracking information. Our turnaround time right now is approx. 4 weeks from the arriveal of your garments to our studio.

However, we do not provide updates on where the quilt is in production or give exact shipment dates.

Please check your SPAM and Junk folders as well for emails from us regarding shirt check-in, possible "extra work" needed and shipment information.

Thank you!

We don't have an expiration date on our products BUT we do ask that you send us your clothing within a month of ordering so that you don't forget to do it! We can't wait to create your blanket for you!



You can Design the Layout of your Quilt!

If you have a preferred design layout for how you would like your order made, you may include a clear color picture of your design, and we will follow it when we create your quilt.

It’s $20 extra and please select that option at checkout.

After you have picked out the shirts and separated them into sides, please fold them so the graphics are fully visible. Next, lay them out in the order you would like them to appear in your completed quilt. Be sure the layout that matches the size you ordered:

Lap: 4 across and 4 down

Twin: 4 across and 6 down

Large Throw: 5 across and 5 down

Standard: 5 across and 6 down

Full: 6 across and 6 down

Queen: 7 across and 7 down

King: 8 across and 8 down 

Please make sure the photo is clear and we can see exactly where each shirt goes.

If you have ordered a doubled sided blanket(panels on both sides), please send a picture of both sides.  Please remember that if you would like the fronts and the backs of the same shirts to be back to back, the picture must be a mirrored image(do not just turn the shirt over to take the picture).  

If you would like to design it yourself (DYO), please select the “design your own” option when selecting all the other options for each blanket.

We can personalize your blanket by adding up to 3 lines of embroidery(20 characters per line) to any of our fleece backed blankets.

 The personalization would be placed on the bottom right hand corner of the blanket on the fleece side.  All our embroidery is completed using block font with white thread.  

If you would like to add a special personalization, please select include embroidery when selecting your blanket.

We can make one of the most affordable T-shirt blankets offered on the market by using T-shirt and sweat shirt material. However, we do recognize that there are many other clothing and/or material options available that may be incorporated with extra work on our end.  We will email you an invoice for $5 for each item on the listed below that requires extra work.  Please see the list below for items that can be used but at an extra charge.

Acceptable Fabrics:



Dri Fit (Athletic Fabric)

Sports Jerseys






Light Woven Fabrics

Items that Require 'More Work':

Tank Tops


Sleeveless without enough fabric




Puff Paint





Dance Costumes

Button Up Shirts

Unacceptable Fabrics:




If you have ANY questions, please contact us BEFORE you send your package to us,

Yes! We charge $5 a fix and we are happy to help!

Watch this video on fixing HOLES!

Unacceptable Fabrics:




Stiff fabrics that can't be sewn

Non woven fabrics

Stiff Flags


Open Weave Sweaters (hand knit sweaters that will fall apart when cut into squares)

Garments that are falling apart, too worn out already.

Any questions? please just ask! Thanks!

Yes! You can send us pretty much anything made of fabric, just check the list of fabrics we CAN'T use first!

We CAN use sweaters, sweatshirts, pj's, towels, sports jerseys, knit dresses, woven dresses, skirts, shorts, napkins, table cloths, sheets, etc!

Any questions, please just ask!

Yes! With most woven fabrics we will need to charge a small fee though for extra work as they will have to have interfacing added to stabilize the fabric in your memory blanket.

We can discuss further once we see your fabrics in our studio or you may also contact us directly and send pics.

Yes! We have a DYO (design your own) option and you can design your layout at home and send us a picture! Just be sure to check the DYO box at checkout and follow the instructions to get us your picture. Thanks!

We can combine smaller pieces into:

1 panel for $2.50 per piece.

2 panels into 1 panel  $5.00

3 panels into 1 panel $7.50

4 panels into 1 panel  $10.00

5 panels into 1  panel $12.50

Additional panels $2.50 each.

Also, we can add patches to a panel as well:

Patch (from sleeve or other part of shirt): $5 each Varsity Letter: $10 each.

Shipping Questions

When shipping your panels to us, you must include the packing slip with bar code that you received by email when your ordered.

You will receive TWO emails from us after you place an order. One is a receipt for your purchase and one is a packing slip with a barcode. If you didn't receive one, please let us know ASAP and we will resend it.

If you choose the DYO option, a clear, color photo must be included as well.

You may choose any carrier that you desire to ship your panels to us.

Shipping the completed t-shirt blanket to our customers is free, however the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping their panels to us.

Yes, we would ALWAYS recommend tracking and if you use USPS Prioirty shipping, tracking is always included!

It's always nice to know where your package is after it leaves your hands at the post office!

No, you do not need to use a box to ship your items to us. You may also use a poly shipping bag or anything that will withstand shipping. Please consult with your local Post Office if you have concerns with shipping your items. They'll be happy to help!

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