Parenting, Sewing and Everything In-between.


My name is Alix Joyal and I'm the eco mom behind Joyaltee!

Originally from Dover, NH I started sewing at the age of 12, making upcycled quilts for my family and friends from clothing around the house.

I moved to NYC in 1996 to study Fashion at FIT and ended up spending the next 10 years traveling all over Europe, Morocco, living in Italy, and then traveling all over the US after driving through every state in the contiguous United States. I ended up settling in Ashland, OR for several years, deeply involved in the Natural Foods Industry and learning all I could about Organics and sustainable living.

I ended up returning to NYC in 2005 and received my BS in Textile Development and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, the same university that I had started at over 10 years earlier.

I owned and operated a memory quilting company called Mamaka Mills for several years after graduation and before having children. After the birth of two kids, I created Joyaltee as an eco-friendly baby clothing company making kids clothes from upcycled garments.

 My family and I now live in Brattleboro, VT after spending many years in SATX, I am now focused on my art and teaching art at the Academy School in West Brattleboro. 

Thank you for being here!
Love and Respect,