Memory Blanket Made From Your Own T-Shirts!

Regular price $ 130.00

This is a PRE-ORDER for our Custom Memory Blankets.  Our turnaround time is 4 weeks from receipt of your t-shirts at our Brattleboro, VT studio.

Each blanket consists of two sides - a top and bottom.  The top consists of your t-shirts cut into 12" x 12" squares sewn into a traditional patchwork quilt pattern.  The bottom consists of a high quality, non-pilling fleece of your chosen color. Since our Memory Blankets are not top stitched and filled with batting like traditional Memory Quilts, we can offer them to you at a much lower price.  Our Memory Blankest are perfect for any occasion and will allow you to enjoy your favorite memories each and every day!

Our brand new website and ordering system will launch in mid-November 2021, but due to everybody's interest I will begin accepting orders through this listing in the interim.

Sizes available include (each t-shirt square is a standard 12" x 12" in size): 

  • Baby Blanket- 4' x 4' (16 t-shirts)
  • Twin Blanket- 6' x 4' (24 t-shirts) The most popular size!
  • Large Throw- 6' x 5' (30 t-shirts)
  • Extra Large Throw- 6' x 6' (36 t-shirts)
  • Queen Blanket- 6' x 7' (42 t-shirts)

Once you place your order, we will email you detailed instructions on how to prepare your t-shirts to send to us. You will cover the cost of shipping your items to us and we will send your finished Memory Blanket back to you via USPS Priority mail with tracking, free of charge.

Your t-shirts will be cut into 12" x 12" quilt squares.  Please ensure that any t-shirts or t-shirt graphics you want incorporated into your blanket meet these dimensions. If your items need extra attention or preparation prior to sewing, we can discuss what work will be done and any additional charges that may apply. Please email Alix ( if you have any questions about what types of clothing or materials can or cannot be used in your custom Memory Blanket.