3-6 Months, Baby "Shadow Shifter" Heat Reactive & Color Changing Upcycled Baby Shorts

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Do you remember Hyper Color???!! Shadow Shifter is the next generation of Hyper Color and their color technology is now DRYER SAFE!!!!! Woo hooooooo!!!

We have teamed up with the brand, Shadow Shifter to bring their manufacturing waste back to life! We take their damaged t shirts and refashion them into brand new kids pants, thus benefitting the manufacturer AND you, the consumer!! Eco-friendly and UNIQUE!!

More info about Shadow Shifter can be found on their website here!!!

Baby shorts.

Start as grey and change to a very faint pink/white when exposed to heat!

Elastic waist.

3-6 Months.

Outside leg measurement is 6".

Care: Wash cold with like colors and tumble dry. Easy peasy!

These would be the PERFECT eco-friendly baby shower gift!

Slight variations are possible as this is an upcycled & handmade item.

Thank you for shopping Joyaltee! 


Please visit Shadow Shifter for more information on where to order their t-shirts and how to care for the Shadow Shifter fabric.