Our Review Of the Space Center Houston's Family Camp Out

Posted by Alix Joyal on

I think every kid has wanted to visit space but fortunately enough for us, we were able to bring our kids to CAMP OUT in space!!
A few times a year, the Space Center in Houston (next to the Johnson Space Center NASA) hosts a family camp out inside the Space Center! Go HERE for more info! I should mention that they also have camping outside in the secured courtyard but we preferred to camp inside with air conditioning!
They start with checking in at 4:30 pm and after you get registered you are able to explore the grounds until dinner, which is held at 6pm. 
It's really neat for the kids to explore the Space Center while it's open to the public so they can grasp how special it is when everyone leaves and they get the royal VIP treatment.
After dinner, they have a group briefing in one of the auditoriums in which they explain all of the rules and activities for the evening. That's where you get a feel for the group and how the flow of the evening will go.
Here is the sample itiniary from our visit.
The actives range from rocket building to robot programming and the ages range between 5 years old to about 10. I would say that they evenly split the activities between the ages and there are quite a few activities appropriate for the younger kids.
After the last rocket launch (around 10pm), we went to our vehicles and grabbed our sleeping things and went back in to set up our site. They have maps where they have organized everyone's camping spaces so there is minimal confusion when it's time to get to sleep, which I definitely appreciate!
It was really fun to get up in the morning and walk through a completely empty Space Center, knowing what a special treat it was that we were able to participate in this lock in.
They prepared a wonderful breakfast for us and then we watched a movie on the Space Station. After the movie we decided to take their special private tram to the Johnson Space Center where we views the original Apollo 11 control room. It was awesome!
Oh, and here are their meal offerings for the weekend,
which was surprisingly tasty!
The Space Center Family Camp-Out really is one of the coolest adventures we have ever taken as a family and we are so grateful to the kind folks in Houston for hosting it. I would suggest though if you do plan to go, get your tickets as soon as they drop because they sell out fast.
Hope you enjoy our pics from our weekend and if you do make it to a Family Camp-Out, let me know how you liked it!!